Wyntoun Xavier Henderson ...Artist / CREATIVE Director of ICEMYSITE.COM 6451 ATHA Drive Dallas Texas 75217* 214/695-2768 Online ART GALLERY/ Portfolios MrFines.com/ DESIGN Gallery***IceMySite.com E-mail address : mrfinescom@sbcglobal.net Career objective: Creative Director Specialist consult from traditional hands-on experience in VIDEO GAME Development Graphic designs, illustrations, to Animation in 2-D Flash, 3-D Max Character Modeling, Level Design, AdverGames Development in Flash and Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Editor, Sound Editing, Story Boarding, and overall Art Animation Multimedia Productions in a team positive atmosphere conducive to efficient productivity in market growth. Qualifications: Accomplished, and proficient graphic artist with strong background of considerable computer graphics user interface to render effective animated movies in both 2-D, and 3-D platforms offering original copyrighted material created for shared collaborative developments to production teams published in the multiple webcast domains. Created as an online portfolio to showcase the best efforts in focus of creative professional art directives shared with a host of award winning art students, as a certified Art Director-Fine Art Specialist Instructor for DallasISD for over thirteen years. Also recognized as an award winner artist personally from college, and professional designs in award winning posters and web sites with several animation products IP, and clientele. Substantial experience completing multiple projects simultaneously to meet task for closure of critical deadlines. Skilled at conceptual and independent problem-solving with follow through on all projects from concept to finish. Education: Earned a BS Degree in Dec. of 1978 with an interdisciplinary blend of Advertising Design with emphasis in Illustration Design, and design copywriting, marketing, photography, journalism, sculpture, figure drawing, art history, and education. From Texas A&M at Commerce (formally) ETSU Also Attended DCCCD COLLEGES, and TWU for electives for Art Specialist Teacher certification in 1990 1998 Eastfield Community College :html and internet navigation course work. Richland college third level courses in Multimedia, Flash and 3D Max 4, 6, & 8. Experience: 1997 to present. Independent freelance design sales consultant with laison interface from advertising graphic concepts of print and web media tour relations and its business to business resourcing for community stable business extending to web-site development for MrFines.com with projected advertising sales promotions. Advertising Sales Clientele list include:DART, DCVB , DBCC , AT&T, SBC, DPS , SWBAF , etc. 1992 to present at Dallas Public Schools (DPS). All level certified faculty Art Specialist Responsible for instruction of all areas of fundamental visual art design including: computer graphics,painting, drawing, collage, clay sculpture', art history. Coordinate for Odessey of the Mind and student problem-solving teams. Mural painting installation for scholarship incentive at Edward Titche Elementary School 1987 to March 1990: Freelance Art Director.Illustrated and designed logos, comic book and fine art paintings and portraits, Managed art shows in gallery, private homes and businesses. 1980 to 1987. AT&T/Dallas. Special project for electronic information systems to design, illustrate , and produce computer graphics ads for electronic yellow pages advertising directory (PRE-INTERNET) collaborated along with Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages as an Directory Artist. June,1979 to December 1980. Recognition Equipment Incorporated. Design and layout of technical schematics and printed circuit boards. Awards and Shows: Honorable mention in illustration from the Dallas Society of Visual Communications Student Creative Competition in 1978. $2500 AT&T Purchase Award for winning poster design from the Southwest Black Artist Festival(SWBAF) 1994 African-American Museum of ART and Culture show reception and signing of the COMMON THREADS poster-print artist proofs sponsored by AT&T for the SWBAF. Northlake College art exhibit with 5 other professional art specialists from DallasISD in 1996. Art Directed Three six graders who won first, second, and third place prizes in a poster art contest for the Dallas Bar Association themed:ASSURING EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL. One of the finalists won first place at the Texas Bar Association for the first place design from Dallas Bar Association poster competition in 2001-2002. Wyntoun was very successful as Art Director of many students to win First Place Finalist Prizes in many art competitions ranging multiple disciplines from first place poster design for the Dallas Urban League, Earth Day, First and second place finalist in the 3M Anti-drug poster design competition in 1993, and then the annual Kwansaa Festivals' poster design competition twice (once in 2003, and again in 2005), and three way Grand prize winners (two 5th graders tied for Grand Prizes and a 6th grade Grand prize in the 2006 DART Dallas poster competition. Technical skills: HTML Web Design, Web Hosting with 2-D Flash Animation / Storyboards Level Design in Maps Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Editor 3D Fly through Cinematics 3-D Max Modeling/Texturing/Animation/Lighting/Cameras Director,(View movie/game trailer at www.icemysite.com/returntobiozonepp.html) ADOBE Illustrator, Photoshop, Sound Editing, Level Design, Multimedia Production, File Conversions.